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what is the best password manager in 2023?

best password manager in 2023

what is the best password manager in 2023?

imagine a world where you only have to remember one password to keep all your personal data secure, well you don't exactly have to imagine that since a good password manager will do that and more. so I guess the real question becomes what is the best password manager in 2023?

today I'm going to review the most recommended password managers while answering the question is password managers safe and reliable for everyday use.


let's go ahead and start with a very popular choice Nordpass first is Nordpass safe? yeah, it works on a zero-knowledge architecture and applies modern encryption which means that only one person can access your data not even the employees can access your data, but remember the ultimate line of defense is your master password so make sure to create a proper one and keep it safe.

I'd also recommend setting up multi-factor authentication 2fa for some extra security love and for me well I like to use the biometric stuff you know the face the eyes the hands that way I can speed up the login process in their app speaking of which the app itself is very user friendly and no matter the device it's clean and intuitive I can even set up folders to organize all my messy data but you know I would like the option to share a folder as a whole currently I've got to Mark the item separately which is not as efficient as I'd like it to be fingers crossed that becomes an added future update in hint.

another little minor nitpick here is that I can't store files here which for example I can do with one password so I'd like something similar here too but as for some of the other tools well there's a proper password generator where I mostly use the words type which saves me a lot of time and patience whenever I need to type things out manually there's also a password Health Checker that spots old and weak passwords and a data breach monitor which will notify you of any breaches related to an email account that you happen to have.

overall this app is a great starting point and advanced password manager users aren't going to be disappointed either it gets right to the point with no flashy add-ons there's even a pretty good free version but it is pretty limited so I'd only recommend it for testing it out plus the premium version is inexpensive anyway especially with their longer-term plans however if you have someone to share the app with well Nordpass has one of the best password managers for family options where you can get six Premium Accounts out of the one that you're paying for.

keeper security

keeper security wise it shares many of the same traits with Nordpass the only difference is that keeper uses the AES 256-bit encryption Cipher which is a bit older but it doesn't make it any less safe even if Keeper doesn't have the latest encryption it does pack some heavy duty features so I'd recommend this app for those who want some extra Pizzazz with their password manager.

well actually useful Pizzazz not just flashy Pizzazz, for example, check out their exclusive safe messaging app called keeper chat it doesn't just encrypt the messages and allow safe communication it also makes those messages self-destruct.

self-destruction is kind of a theme here because if you happen to lose your device or get stolen a few unsuccessful login attempts can make all your data go right up in smoke, just make sure to back it up in their Cloud Security Vault so you don't completely lose all your data.

now I do like the way their app looks and I'd even point out that keeper is one of the best password managers for iPhone and iPad apps because even these versions are super packed, the only thing that's missing is importing and exporting passwords otherwise it's a fully featured Beast I was even able to add some favorites to access certain logins right from my Apple watch but there is one thing that I'm not a fan of a lot of their features cost extra.

secure file storage isn't free and even the breach monitor a standard on most password managers these days has an extra price tag plus there's no free version just a 30-day free trial so knowing it's not the cheapest password manager I'd only recommend it to those who will use all of the features and who don't mind paying for.


RoboForm this best password manager 2023 candidate has been around for ages even before a password manager was considered essential despite their long run, RoboForm doesn't have lots of fancy features but it does shine in terms of convenience.

the apps have a slight early 2000s Vibe some might call it outdated others might say it's Charming but their mobile versions look more modern so it doesn't clash with the rest of my apps, now storing passwords here is easy and their autofill function is one of my favorites especially since it also fills in data fields of various forms and the rest of the features here are pretty standard, there's a security Center to check for compromised passwords and a password generator I just wish they would have the option to generate phrase passwords not just symbol and number mashups.

there is a free version but due to its limitations I can't recommend it my biggest issue here is that the free version lacks 2fa two-factor authentication if you didn't know so it's not nearly as safe plus there's no Live customer support for free users so I'd highly recommend looking into the premium version instead it's got one of the cheapest options on the market especially if you get a discount deal in it.

one password

one password is secure, it is one password that unifies all of your passwords into an encrypted Vault that you can then access with you guessed it one master password, now security wise one thing that sets one password apart is its emergency kit which makes it super easy to recover your account in case you lose access to it.

another cool perk here for this top password manager might be something that I've already mentioned before or one gigabyte of encrypted file storage I also like their vault system it's similar to the folder thing that some other password managers use but I can also share the whole Vault right away which is super convenient and Speedy.

I've heard some concerns out there that it's pretty difficult in the beginning and that's understandable since there are a plethora of different options and categories but in my experience, it's easy to get used to since the app is more modern and it's pretty intuitive.

now I'm also going to say that I use their browser extension the most I mean it's as powerful as the main app anyway and it Smooths out all the autofill experiences and it recognizes address and credit card fields and I can also save stuff without opening up the app so yeah that's convenient.

I also want to mention their travel mode feature which protects sensitive data by removing vaults when you cross those borders however even with all this cool stuff I did notice a pretty big issue there's no phone or chat support for regular users which come on, I feel like that should be a standard these days we all need help once in a while overall.

one password is a reliable option for personal users and it's pretty affordable too I also like their family plan I reviewed it many times before and it's great for storing or sharing passwords.


while the security measures of Dashlane are standard with proper encryption in 2fa it's a reliable password manager that's a good answer to the what is the best password manager question right off the bat Dashlane at least for me is among the best password manager for Android and iPhones the mobile apps are intuitive and stylish and they're fully featured.

you might have heard that Dashlane completely removed its desktop apps and migrated to a web-based product honestly the web app is pretty convenient so no huge complaints here just a minor one when I'm using it on my desktop I can't access my stuff offline well at least I can do that with the mobile apps, overall the web app is easy to set up and use I can store my passwords, payment cards notes and all that jazz I can even update hundreds of passwords at once without having to log into each account manually.

there's also the dark web monitoring feature and even a decent VPN win-win now knowing that Dashlane is so packed it's no surprise that the full package isn't the cheapest out there, the VPN comes with their most expensive plan so you could opt out of that and just get the advanced version.

there is also a free app to try but again it doesn't have these additional features and sadly it is limited to just one device, and who just has one device these days?


Nordpass is a great option for those who want more features and have a passion for self-destructing things who don't I'd recommend keeper, RoboForm is gonna fit those who carry a bit of early 2000s Nostalgia and I strongly recommend one password for their great family plan, finally, Dashlane stands out as a stylish and feature-packed option.